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Hawken, it seems to me that a cleanly chest-shot deer will run for no more than 7-8 seconds. The ones who get knocked down seem to kick for about the same time. OTOH, a neck shot deer will just go down and often not move after the first couple of twitches.

It is the ones where you hit a twig before the bullet gets to them, or you twitch just when you pull the trigger or they see the muzzle flash from your B.P. rifle and jump before the bullet gets to them or one of their deer buddies sees you and snorts or you forget to shield the safety when you pull it off so that it makes a noise et cetera that bother me. The older I get the more I find myself believing in repeating rifles. It is really great to have that point and click interface for an immediate second shot.

Canda is a beautfull place. I just don't like the politics. getting my gun into Canada is not easy.
Yes, its like a whole other country.
In a few years when the dust finally clears and people start counting their change there is a pretty good chance that President Obama may become known as The Great Absquatulator. You heard it first here on TFL.
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