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two of the first three deer i shot were killed with single shots to the heart. one with a .243 100 grain partition and the other with a .270 150 grain soft point both ran about ten yards and fell over and died.

game animals are funny creatures and can go way further than you or i ever could with a bullet through the chest. i recently saw my brother shoot a yearling moose with my .270 and a 150 grain Hornady SST at about 30 yards. the moose got up and ran away. we tracked it and its mother for five miles before we finally lost them. there was a blood trail for four miles and then a field with no snow on it (short stubble) where we lost the trail. we got a visual on them but by the time we got to where we had last spotted them they were long gone. i have no idea how a moose could lose as much blood as that one did and still survive to run over five miles.
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