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I saw one guy empty out a 30-30 lever action and he never pulled the trigger! Poor fella was wondering how come the deer ran off.

Another wacked a nice black bear and couldent stop shaking after he pulled the trigger. He tried to light a cigarette but he shook too bad to do that. Poor man could not even go and find the bear which lay dead 25 yards away.

Son in lawon his first deer hunt had a deer within 25 yards of him while sitting in a tree stand. He manages to get the gun up and on the deer, squeezes trigger and no bang.
Safety on, he flips it off and at the sound of the click the deer bolts and no deer. He comes back and tells me the story and says... Man what a RUSH!

I said to him, did you ever think about how many deer you have seen over the years and they never gave you a rush.
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