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The biggest buck I ever seen came out of the brush only 30 yards away,I was so excited I brought the gun up and pumped 5 rounds at him as fast as I could. he just trotted back to the thicket stopped and walked in.

While reloading I slowly got my breathing and heart rate back down and replayed what had just happened over and over in my head, I didnt see any way I could have missed at that range and he must be dead in the thicket.

I snuck out of my stand and creeped over to the thicket, looking in I could just see his antlers, about 50 yards in. I figured he was just injured and looking at me so I aimed just down from the base of his antlers and hopefully between his eyes. 1 shot and he disappeared.

I quickly ran in and he was laying dead in a scrape facing away from me, 1 hole in the back of his head. there was no other holein him anywhere.

I had missed completely 5 times, broadside, standing still, at 30 yards
because of buck fever. and made the best shot of my life once I controlled it
"go in the woods and be sneaky" qoute Angela k. age 5
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