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My experience....Coyotes avoid humans at all costs.
A pack? They're cowards basically. They're opportunity hunters, preferring the weak and small for prey. Far and away most human attacks are on small children.
A decade or more ago I would've been in full agreement Rich, but lately I've been seeing changes in coyote behavior, not to mention size. When I lived in the SW, they were scrawny little things that barely went 40-50 pounds, and the biggest group I saw was maybe 4. The immense difference in food & water availability here in the east probably accounts for the size difference, but not the pack sizes. I've seen several whose numbers I'm estimating in the teens, and I've had 'em approach to within 25 yds of me without a care in the world. Not aggressive (yet), just bold.

Those desert doggies are smart as hell, and other than cockroaches, are probably the best survivors on the planet. They've proven that they can adapt to almost anything.

I don't think it would ever come to coyotes looking at humans as prey on a regular basis, but a lone human, especially an injured one, would be well within their capability. When they learn that (and they will, eventually), we will, I think, see an increase in human attacks.
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