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Well, I'm not from IN but some general tips are:

-Pattern your gun at different distances & with diff. loads to see what it likes best.

-Sit VERY still, a turkey will pick out movement better than any other animal in my experience.

-Practice calling A LOT but don't over do it in the field, think of it as playing hard-to-get.

-I used army camo for quite a few years but I have switched to a 3D suit for turkey hunting because I think it breaks up your outline better & hides small movements better also.

-Get a face net or paint & gloves, I strive to not let any skin show.

-Use decoys if your state allows, they will often get that Tom to come the extra 10-20 yards into shooting range.

-As for your gun, a 2 1/2" chamber, really? If that's the case I would either get a gun that shoots 3" or 3 1/2" mags or get very good at calling to get them into about 5-10 yds. Turkeys are tuff critters. I saw one rolled with a 12 ga 3" mag at about 30 yards, started doing the death flop & caught wind under his wings, flapped a couple times & set his wings and glided away with his head hangin'.

The point, use enough gun & aim for where the waddle meets the feathers.

Sorry to ramble on stuff just keeps poppin' into my head. Have fun.

By the way: Welcome to TFL!

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