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Woooow, crazy stories! So, seriously, all joking aside, what do you guys think a 200 pound, adult, healthy, 30yr old, unarmed, but heavily dressed human male's chances would be against a pack of 6 coyotes? Could he pick up a stick and beat them all away, or if bit on his forearms, hands, etc, could he actually swing & smash each one against the ground or a tree, or crush their skulls by stomping on them, etc?

Or would he pretty much be done for, since a pack of 6 coyotes probably takes down game MUCH larger than a human? Then again, those game animals don't have hands to grab and/or swing with, can't use a stick, etc...

'Cause I know I'd be trying to grab and smash them against the trees, ground, etc, but I wonder if they would be too powerful if, say, three held onto my arms while the other three grabbed my legs...probably would drag me down pretty quick...hhhmmm
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