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Quail Call

Several years ago I picked up a quail call. I decided to practice along our river's nature trails.

There is a large river going through the middle of my city. It is a large, well-populated city. There are nature trails along this river. There is a suprisingly large and varied population of wildlife there.

I was able to get quail to respond to my calling. Sometimes I would even lure them out of hiding. One day I was in some brushy area near a major overpass. I was trying to get a response from my call. Then about twenty feet away, a coyote popped its head out of some bushes. He saw me and my dog and quickly ducked away. I guess I sounded more like a quail then I thought. Apparently I fooled that coyote into thinking there was a meal to be had. Fortunately human and dog were not on his menu.

There have been folks claiming that they have seen mountain lions along this area. There is no offical conformation of the sightings though. I hope quail is not on their list of favorite foods.
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