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A Scary Incident

Do you remember a couple of years ago when they found a person partially eaten be a mountain lion is Southern California? Another hiker was also attacked as was the lion search party. They did shoot the cat.

Shortly after this incident, a guy went hiking in that area with his two dogs. One was a weimaraner and the other a beagle. He would let the weimaraner run off leash and always kept the beagle on leash. One evening on his way out towards his truck his weim came back from exploring looking and acting strange. He decided to leash him too and proceed out.

He was walking on a trail when his dogs started to growl. He turned around and spotted a coyote trailing him a hundred yards back on the trail. He turned around and the coyote ducked into the bushes. After walking a few minutes he turned around and saw the same coyote trailing him a little closer. Again he turned around and faked going towards the coyote. he again ducked off the trail.

This kept happening with the coyote getting closer each time.

The guy thought this was very unusual and bold of a coyote seeming to challenge a man with two dogs. His dogs were obviously becoming very aggitated.

Suddenly the trailing coyote let out a call. He heard a response from other coyotes that formed a half circle around him and his dogs. Luckily he was close enough to the parking lot that he made it to his veichle with out any harm.

The coyotes were apparently trying to encircle this guy and his dogs. He was unarmed. He was in a county park which prohibits firearms.

This is one story that gave me the willies.
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