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Not bad for your first time. I cant really analyze it and tell you what you're doing wrong, because I have no idea, but I know it looks like too much trigger finger like other people said. Try and bring it in closer. 20 Yards is a pretty far distance. You should try starting at about 5, then bring it out to 7, then 10. Keep it at 10 till you get good enough to hit inside the 7 or better every shot, then bring it out further.

How many shots was that? Did you hit it every time, or did you miss some? First time I shot, it was with a .40, and out of 50 shots at about 10 yards, only 30 or so hit the target, and they were all over the place lol

Now that ive gone about 10 to 15 times, Im A LOT better. I kept most of my targets until a few days ago, including the first one I ever shot, but I just threw them away. I wish I had kept them now to show how much ive improved. Ill take a picture of my most recent target when I get my camera back from my sister and put it up here. I think I shoot pretty decent now. Im no expert still, in fact I cant even usually hit the target from 25 yards, but anything closer than 15 I can pretty much get the 7 or better every time. 10 yards and closer I can shoot awesome.
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