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Which surplus?

I was curious and would like to see if any of the wonderful people on this forum are using military surplus rifles for hunting and if so, which ones and for what animal? It is a growing trend in my circle of friends to build sporters out of Milsurp rifles. I know some will think we are crazy for doing so but the fact is that quite honestly, I don't care what any of my guns are worth to anyone else, only what they're worth to me. Havong said that, one of my favorite hog/deer guns is a Smith-Corona Model 1903-A3. I picked it up rather cheap because it had been drilled and tapped and removed from the original stock. I then shortened and recrowned the barrell and added a full length Mannlicher type stock with a high roll-over cheek piece. It now wheres a Nikon Buckmasters 3-9x40 on the scope mounts that made it such a good bargain. Not a great collectable, but it's my favorite shooter. And man, talk about accurate... What about you?
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