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yah Foxman! You have to remember the first deer I ever shot ran. After that they were all one shot drop kills. Thats just the way I hunt. I have passed on many shots just because I didn't think I could make the shot. I have killed many deer. I have never had to track a deer. Tracking a deer is a whole new ball game. I'm not sure I like to track a deer. BUT! It is part of the hunt.

I'm one of these guys that wait for the perfect shot. I think about everything before I drop the hammer. anything other than a neck or head shot to me is like a unknowen. When a deer runs after I shot it freakes me out. I really really don't like to make a body shot. when I drop the hammer I want to see the deer hit the ground with little to no meat damage.

This year I tried to be like everyone else. I don't like it! I'm going back to my mathematical way of hunting. One shot drop kills. .

I do envy people who can hit a deer on the run. I think thats a real talent.
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