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Got a kick out of some of the comments on the Lee "pound 'em in, pound 'em out dies".
Having acquired a few sets over the years, usually in trades of one sort or another, I would use them to neck size brass. I got real tired of all the hammering, and figured out that there had to be a better way. Especially when surprise primer bangs happened. What to do?
My dad, who was an inveterate collector of anything he might find some use for down the road, (as am I He had a gizmo that converted a hand drill into a drill press. He never found out which drill fit it. I talked him out of it and now I use it like an arbor press with the Lee "pound 'em" dies. First you shove the case into the die, almost like a regular press. Them pound the case out. After all those are done, you adjust the height to seat the primers. After charging by whatever method you normally use, (scoop or powder measure) you adjust to seat and seat the bullets. it is not as fast as a conventional loading press, but, it is about twice as fast as using the dies with your plastic mallet, 2x4, 16 lb. sledge, or whatever. And you only use the hammer for one process.
Frankly, I'd much rather use the old Lyman tong tool, especially when loading cast lead bullets for rifles. I'm always looking out for dies for my tong tools.
Just thought you might get a laugh or two out of my unorthodox (?) methods of working with Lee "pound 'em" dies.
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