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I started out with an rcbs Rockchucker (still have it) and THE ONLY way to mass produce anythingwas to do ONE STEP AT a time. IE: tonight Ill polish all the brass and sort it.

Tomorrow I'll size and decap all the brass by lots..

The next day you prime it all by lots etc.
(that hand primer makes a huge difference)

Last day you JUST charge and seat bullets, then re-set the die for the crimp.

I kept the "staged" brass in differently labeled Coffee cans. ie "dirty" "Cleaned" "sized/decapped" "primed/belled", etc.

Now i was smart enough to buy a CARBIDE set of dies.. but MAN was I relieved when dad bought a Dillon.
You should STILL check every 5- 10 rounds with a go-no go guage once you start cranking them out.. and double check EVERY round of rifle ammunition.

We still do rifle ammo the old fashioned way.. but dad bought a bunch of lee presses so you can set up for 1 caliber loading , ie de-cap, size, bell, prime, powder seat and crimp. I have done hundreds (nearly a thousand) rounds of rifle ammo this way and its meticulous and boring.. but it save a HELL of a lot of money if you shoot alot. Never reload when sleepy or distracted, you are just asking for trouble, if you doubt ANY round take it apart and start over.

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