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I started out reloading in 1960 with a Lyman Ideal Reloading Tool No. 310. I could put all of my reloading equipment in a cigar box. (I still have the cigar box.) Next I moved up to the Lyman Tru-Line Junior press. After a few years I purchased a Lyman Spar-T-Turret press which I used up until 1988. Until 1988 I cast, resized and lubicated all of my bullets. Looking for a way to speed up the reloading process I bolted a bicycle frame to my reloading bench and connected the pedal to the handle of the press. I then ran a bicycle chain from a reduction gear on an electric motor mounted under the bench to the sprocket on the bicycle frame. When I turned on the motor the shell holder would cycle up to the dies in the turret. The only die I could use in this configuration was the decapping, resizing die. I could put a .38 Special case in the shell holder with my first two fingers of my right hand and remove it with the left hand. I could run 500 cases through this process in just a few minutes. This wouldn't work with the primer feed, powder measuring, bullet seating and crimping dies because I couldn't keep up with the speed. After a while I realized that I could lose some fingers with this setup and purchased a Square Deal progressive press from Dillon. I now own two of the Dillon presses and can reload 1000 .45 auto cartridges in about 5 hours. This includes filling the primer tubes, setting up etc.. I've made a lot of mistakes in the last forty years, fortunately they have been small ones that resulted in no injuries. Doc
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