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A lot of the solvents listed here, Toluene and Acetone especially will attack plastics. Use them with care. I stick to name brand stuff, like Gun Scrubber, on the off chance that damage will result. You stand some chance is getting money out of a gun product maker for a ruined gun, but Wally world ain't going to give you squat for a solvent melted Glock. It may make the rounds of the store though as the "Joke of the Week".

Whatever solvent you use, Acetone, Tolulene, Xylene, Tri-Chlor, brake cleaner or Gun Scrubber, use it outside with a lot of fresh air. The local "head case" used to kill bugs with a lot of this stuff, and the effects on grasshoppers will convince you in no time flat that short legs, and malignant toenails are nothing compared to the havoc it causes your nervous system.
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