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I have had much practice trailing poorly hit deer. My aging father does not shoot too good, unfortunately he does not shoot bad enough to miss. I prefer to mark the blood trail with toilet paper. It is biodegradable. Some of these trails went for a mile or more, that would be alot of surveyors tape to pick up.

The worst was a low front knee hit. I was fortunate to have some snow that day. The deer was tracked more by the drag marks from the leg, than the blood.

I am not sure that I would consider the 22 caliber adequate for deer. I tend to believe that the 6mm/243 is a minimum caliber and then only with premium bullets. I do hunt large bodied northern whitetails.

I also agree that if there is a doubt that the animal is dead put another one in it. No one likes to lose a deer that is hit. Sorry guys and girls, it is a fact of life. If you have never lost one consider yourself lucky. If you shoot enough critters sooner or later you will lose one. It may not even be your fault, maybe the bullet will fail, maybe the bullet will pass through a reverse negative anti gravity vortex, but you will lose one.
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