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I haven't reloaded since I shot wheelguns back inthe late 70's but I am considering going back to in autos since I am shooting more these past few years and have piled up a buch of brass. I have a question about some dented 357 Sig brass that I hope someone can answer for me. The cases are being dented at two places alongthe same side or line. The shoulder is getting dinged and he nose is getting dinged to where it looks like a tire with real low pressure. Like I said these dings are along the same line. I can't fingure out whats causing it and whether it is all happening at the same time on extraction or the shoulder is being dinged going in and the neck on the way out or both being done on the extraction. I figure that if the shoulder was being dinged when chambering, the ding would be pressure formed out. My guess that it is happening on extraction. The pistol is a Glock 32, (my 229 doesn't do this)and I only noticed this problem (if it is a problem) after an IDPA Match. When sighting the gun in at the range, I did not find any with the shoulder dented and only some with the neck slightly flattened on one side. Is this an indication that the gun is not functioning properly? I have not had any stoppages yet. Someone spectulated that the rounds could be popping out of the mag before they are under the extractor, but I question this. Could the 357 Sig just be recoiling violently enough that it is slapping the cases on the edge of the ejection port. Years ago, It seems to be that I saw a book, mostly on 1911s that showed how to spot problems with the pistol by the marks it was leaving on the brass. I glanced at it in a gun shop and haven't seen another one since. Anyone know what the book was or remember it or something similar. Any help is appreciated.

Big Thanks in Advance

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