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MAM I dident even get that close to the deer. It was about 80 to 100 yards when it bolted. It was like the deer come to life. The first thing I thought was !#$%. By the time I grabded my gun it was in the dried riverbed. I didn't know if the deer ran down the riverbed or went over the top. It went over the top! Here in Texas we have lots of the these bushes that have thorns the grow little oranges. I don't know what they are called. But the deer ran off into a about a 20 acre patch of these things. Thats why I got my dog. They will cut you up! My dog can run through these things without a problem. I was hoping the dog would kick up the deer and make it run. On the other side of that is real thick woods. It looks like it was cleared a few years back and the under growth took over. I'm sure thats where the deer bed. I think the gun shot deer was trying to get back to the bedding area.

I leared a few things. Stay with what works and don't change. Because and should are two words I don't like.
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