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Here is how to get the reloading data for any cartridge. Go to Shooter's World:

Select 'Directories' then 'Product Makers.'
Start looking up powder and component makers until you find the one which has the data you require.

In your case, Peter has already found the correct mfr., so click on Alliant:

Search for the 88 gr. bullet in .380, and you will find 7 recipes:

Alliant, Winchester, Hodgdon and others have downloadable or interactive reloading manuals. Using the data from these on line sources insures you get the latest, most up to date information available.

It is the information age, kid. If an old fossil like me, who loaded his first ammo in the mid 1950's, can learn to get his data on line, you can (and should) also.

Keep sharp and up to date, Walt
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