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Until yesterday I would have preferred shooting, and reserved reloading as a necessary chore type of thing very much like having to drive to the range instead of just walking out the back door. What happened Saturday to change my mind? After reloading for a number of years off and on (25), I tried my first .45acp handloads. 230 hardcast lead over 4.5gr of Unique, fired out of my Kimber. The Kimber is decent for a stock gun, nothing added, and does pretty well with comercial ball ammo. My handloads were way beyond any commercial ball ammo in terms of accuracy though. I have been happy with the idea of putting together tailor made rounds for revolvers and pistol cal rifles, but have never experienced the dramatic difference in handloads like I did in the Kimber. I believe I would continue to handload for it, even if there was no difference in price.
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