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Did I learn something this year!

In the past I have always made head and neck shots. My first deer was a double lund shot with a 222. The deer ran 60 yards and layed over and died. It was a clean kill! Next I made head and neck shots because I felt I was able to make the shot. And I did. Well this year. I shot two deer. The first one this year was a bad deal. I shot a doe at about 80 yards with my 270. I put the cross hairs on the side of the deer and dropped the hammer. The deer took off running with what looked like both front legs gone! not working. The deer was sliding on it's chest with it's back legs pushing it along. the deer went about 60 yards and layed over. I thought for sure it was a good hit. I could see in the scope that the deer had a big hole in the chest area. I let the deer lay for about 30 minutes and the deer did not move. I got up and moved to the deer. The deer ran away. about the time I got four steps from where I was sitting the deer jumped up and ran off with only it's back legs. It went into the woods. I chased that deer for a long time. But it was faster tham me with only two back legs. I lost that deer and that really sucked. I take great pride in making one shot kills.

The second deer was about 200 yards away. I made another good lung shot. I mean the bullet hit in the X of the cross hairs. It was a good shot. That deer ran almost 300 yards before it layed over and died. When I cleaned the deer both lungs were shot out. I know some people here don't think neck shots are good. This year I tried to be like everone else and make body shots. NO MORE! This year was the first year I shot a deer and lost it. I feel real bad about it. From now on if I can't make a head or neck shot I'm not going to try! It has worked real good for me in the past and I'm going to stay with what works.

Just my thoughts!
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