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Will do. BTW, I picked up a H&R Handi Rifle Camp Pack (or some such name) a few years back. It had a .30-30 barrel and a 20 ga. barrel, and the action, of course. The three pieces were held in a black cordura nylon carry case about 22 in long with nice wrap-around strap handles ... really neat.

I have had the .30-30 barrel chambered for the .30-30 Ack Imp and I must say I am impressed. I hunt whitetails with it and it is very effective. I have tested Nosler Ballistic Tip 125s, 150s and 165s and Hornady 150 gr spitzers. The Hornadys are the most accurate. The Nosler BT 125s are the most dramatic! I have chrono'd this beauty at +2600 fps with the 125s, in front of 36.0 grs of H335. Nosler shows a 300 Savage delivering a 125 BT at 2200 fps with 38.5 grs of BL-C(2). Go figure.

Last year, two different times, I stepped off whitetail kills and then went to get a buddy to check me. One was 186 steps and the other was 209 steps. Well within point blank range ... held right on target.

I am a believer.

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