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Howdy Folks,

Recently, a friend of mine approached me about starting out in reloading, and during the course of that conversation, he mentioned that he wanted to start loading for his .375 Win. Seems he was going broke feeding his baby! This set my mind in motion and caused me to start to look through all of the reloading catalogs that I had on hand - plus a few editions of Shotgun News. After a bit of looking, I could only find one source of these cases, the Huntington Company (Found them in Shotgun News).

Now, I realize that there are probably a bunch of wholesalers out there that have stocks of these cases and/or loaded cartridges for sale, that I will accept. But this is apparently a little used cartridge as I only found that one source.

So,my first question to you today is... Are there any other sources of this case out there that I missed?

My second question address's the tinker in me. I am reasonalby sure that the 375 Win didn't start life as a One-off design. It most likely is the result of someone monkeying around with either blowing out a smaller cartridge (like a 30-30) or necking down a larger cartridge (like I don't know what!) So, what is the parent cartridge for the 375 Win? Would it be practical to fire- form 375 Win. cases from this 'parent' case as opposed to shelling out massive geetah's for the 'proper' factory cases?

I appreciate all your comments (in advance) and incidentally, if you have any pet loads for this cartridge and don't mind sharing, then throw them along as well. Thanks!

Unkel Gilbey
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