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Oh Boy!!!!
Rabbits? Beagles. Ringnecks? Beagles, Grouse, Beagles.
Home Companion? Beagles
When I was growing up, we ALWAYS had a beagle as a house pet BUT, it was a pet one day and a rabbit machine the next.
Fed ONLY bagged dog food the "pet" was spoiled but not by food inducements.
We lived in an area where numerous upland game species thrived and the beagles produced.
I also trained English Pointers which I truly love for bird hunting.
Classic Bird Hunting over points?
A WELLTRAINED pointing breed.
If filling your game bag is of utmost importance, the beagle is your dog, BUT you must spend time afield with your dog in the off- season , both to toughen the rascal and to intune you of your dogs habits.
Beagles are the Greatest tho I really love English Pointers Too!!!!!
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