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(maybe deer and larger game down the road). Primary targets will be rabbit and squirrel, dove, quail, grouse, pheasant, chukar, duck.
I can't believe EVERYONE didn't recomend the beagle.
When it comes to rabbit hunting.
NOTHING --I mean NOTHING --compares to a beagle!!!
It's not just rabbits. Some of the work is scent work. Some is pure retrieve. Some is active.."BANG" immediate retrieve, some is passive..."BANG"...let it lay down and die for a few hours then retrieve. Beagles (at least mine) are thick headed. Too thick headed to learn all the different methods.

IMHO [and it really is humble, because my experience is limited to bird dogs primarily; but sometimes do other hunts (tracking)], the GSP is the best multi-purpose dog. They were carefully choosen though. You don't buy a hunting dog from the Walmart parking lot. The GSP's I am thinking about have a field trial champ in their blood line (direct, Dixie Land: grandfather/granddaughter=offspring.)
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