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Bud Helms
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Even though I have been reloading for a long time, there are two areas into which I have not ventured: shotshell reloading and lead bullet casting.

I am still uninterested in shotshell reloading, but I will soon begin learning about bullet casting. I have a lot of reading to do, of course, but I have a couple of questions that were prompted from reading another thread.

It was getting a little warm in that one, so I decided to start a new one.

I may have some built-in assumptions that are not correct, but here are the questions.

<LI>What are the most widely used methods of lead bullet tempering?
<LI>For lead, does tempering = hardening?
<LI>How did grandpa do it? (Are there old methods vs new methods?)
<LI>How deep into the lead alloy, does the hardening take effect?
<LI>How much of this hardening does resizing remove? (i.e., how much of the bullet is typically removed by the sizing die?)
<LI>Recommended literature for my education on this (besides Lyman, of course)?

I'll be learning on a .38-55. (.375/.376)

Lay it on me.

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