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No Rich I never hunted Africa. I only know two people how have. Well three with you . My buddie did say that he could have shot bigger game but with the gun he took he stayed with his game plan. He did say he only took four of the five game animals he was looking for. He did say it was also cheaper to have the mounts done in Africa and sent to the states.

The other guy hunts traditional long bow and goes about two times a year. He tells me you have not hunted till you hunt Africa. I don't know the names of what game he took but when I start shooting traditional bow again around the first of the year I will ask him. We all shoot together on a league.

I don't know if the my buddie will join in on the conversation. He is a family man with three kids who he helps with homework and active in church plays this time of the year. He is a good guy to have as a friend. Maybe I can get him to join the TFL.
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