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I was at the range today and the people next to me was shooting a short barrel .357. Lead SWCs and they were keyholing at 25ft. I asked the gentleman what he was shooting and he told me some .38 loaded to .357 specs. My eyes must have bugged out because he asked me if that was a problem as they were shooting them in a .357. I educated him to the difference between a .38 case volume and a .357 case volume and the pressure problems he could create. We pulled up some of his fired cases and he had the flattest primers I had ever seen on anything I have ever looked at. Some of the primers had what looked like burn leakage around them and the hammer mark was very shallow. I showed him the difference in the primer of some .357 factory loads and convinced him not to shoot anymore of the loads he had. He had had a 1000 rounds loaded like this and had shot all but a few hundred of them. I convinced him to pull the bullets and start over.
It just shows if it looks squirelly, ask you might save someone a lot of grief.
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