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Mossberg ATR 100 (.270 & 30-06)

Well, today I got the 30-06 version, and mounted a Bushnell Sportsman 3-9x40 on it, and 1 box Remmy 180gr Core Lokts.

Total cost was $340 with tax at Wally World.

Then I took it out to the woods.

Without even adjusting the scope and at 100yds I marked 2" to the right and 2" low of center on the "FIRST" shot.

The very next shot was "DEAD ON" center !!!

I then adjusted the scope 8 clicks for 2.0" over dead center for an appx. 200 yd zero.

The very next 3 shots were 2" above the first one and made a hole that you could cover with a nickle (all three touching)!!!

One Shot for sighting in

Four shots "Dead On" exactly where they were aimed.

My friend took his turn with it, (Mandatory if you bring a friend),
and to his amazement printed a 5 shot 1.25" group.

So being utterly amazed myself I headed back to Wally World.

I went and got the .270 version with the same scope and some 150gr. Core Lokts. Same cost $340.00

Then it was back to the woods.

It took a couple of shots to sight it in but the next 8 shots printed a 2" group.

Then my friend gave it a try, I think his shoulder might have been hurting because this time his groups were 1.75"

So right now I've got two great setups for myself or family / friends,
a bruised right shoulder, and an upset, irate wife.

and all for under $700.00

Only time will tell if they can hold up, but it definitely put 'em where I aimed 'em today.
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