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I've had a pointer and english setter. I currently hunt (quail & pheasant) with my weimareiner. The pointer had a good nose and was big enough to crash through the brush. The setter had an excellent nose, but she was the runt of the litter and had a tough time in heavy cover. My current dog is a 4 year old weimareiner. Her nose has not come up to par with the other dogs, but to some extent I blame myself. Any hunting dog must be given the opportunity to hone her instincts. Get your dog out there even if it is not hunting but just for a walk in the country.

I got my weimareiner for three reasons, in order of importance: she is a short hair and very easy to clean up, no burrs etc.., my uncle had a weimareiner. On one trip we had lost contact with her for about 45 min. We crested a hill we saw her near a hedgerow. she appeared to be taking a dump, but as we got closer we determined that she had been on point for so long that she could no longer hold up her hind end. Queeny was a great dog. Thirdly, she is a large breed and does well in heavy brush.

I believe that any dog makes a great companion if you treat her like a member of the family and show her the love. Good luck.
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