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I'm just learning to use a treestand this year and after lots of scouting on private land have the perfect location. I took deer gun week off and got sick two days after Thanksgiving and was sick in bed the whole week! I think a deer coughed on me and gave me deer fever!

We are blessed with a long bow season so I will be there with my crossbow every day that I can.

There is a six-point buck that I have named Mr. Six-tine. He survived gun week. His rack is high and perfectly symmetrical. In a couple of years he will be beautiful. The first time I saw him he got a whiff of my acorn wafer smell and walked right up to the fence 5 yards from my stand. He hung around for a half hour, sniffing and looking on the ground for acorns. After 30 minutes he decided something was hinky and left. He kept looking at me but couldn't figure me out. I was wondering if he was going to throw rocks to try to knock that big acorn down. My friends now call me Acorn Girl.

The secondary rut must be on now cuz in the snow last week I saw a fresh scrape in one of the shooting lanes 17 yards from my stand. By the size of the tracks it was Mr. Six-tine and he has been seen by other people since gun week walking right under my stand. I hope he brings his girlfriends.

I want a small apartment-freezer-sized doe that I can handle by myself with my bad back and all.

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