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Wow, this is wrong on so many levels.

First, and as already noted, this is fictional
Second, it isn't new and this particular type of story dates back nearly two years
Third, the notion of using a distraction or obstruction to get somebody away from their car is NOT new.

This is yet another one of those types of stories that tends to get popularized during a time of year when people want to feel safe, but with have other things on their mind. No doubt we will see the stories of the knockout perfume samples in the parking lot, and other such stories as the xmas season progresses.

I really wonder if poor Lt. Tony Bartolome of the Florida Highway Patrol is getting swamped with calls and emails over this. He is a real person in the FHP, but there is no indication that he actually sent out this email. I looks like somebody just tacked on his name to give it credibility.
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