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For upland birds

Brittany Spaniels, Pointers and some retrievers
(They musn't range very far ahead and should hold over the birds until you are ready to flush and shoot.)

For rabbits and squirrels

Hounds, Smaller Terriers,
(Rabbits are easier to hunt without dog, and the dog would have to be very well trained... Not to run the rabbit off.

For deer

Beagles, Large Terriers,
(Not fast dogs that run the deer down. But fast enough to keep the deer moving. Sit down and wait and the deer will come back around by you with the dogs not far behind.)

For Pigs, Lions, Bears

Pit-bulls, Wire hairs, and dogs you don't care much about.
Must wear heavy vests for light armor against the tusks etc.

Warning: Shepherds make lousy hunters.

Some dogs are kinda "all arounders" like retrievers for water birds and upland birds...

But, don't mix the game (i.e., Birds with mammals) it'll permanently screw up the dog for you... as in unsalvageable.
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