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Still have an old RCBS Jr. press, circa 1967, probably loaded close to 100,000 rounds of pistol and rilfe on it. Never had problem 1 with it, though I believe it is out of production now. The Rockchucker would be quite a bit stronger, suitable for bullet swaging, a far cry from what you mentioned, but it's a strong press.

For .223, any reputable makers 2 die set would work well. I use RCBS in all calibers I load,, old habits die hard, never had any problems with them, and they used to modify seating punches, to closely fit particular bullet shape, virtually for free.

Get carbide sizer dies for pistol loading, and consider a spearate taper crimp die, especially for pistol loading. Matter of fact, I taper crimp 38 special, without problems, though I do sort by length. Almost never trim 38 special cases, they usually wear out first.Have yet to trim a pistol case. Rifle brass is another thing. Have had no experience with RCBS "no trim" dies Carbide rifle dies are quite expensive, and still require lubrication of cases.

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