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Re loading pistol cartridges, I have yet to trim a 45acp or 9mm luger case. 38 special brass seems to stretch very little, I sort by length.

30 caliber rifle brass (30-06 and 308 win) are another story. Depends on several things, The load you are using, how you set your dies, the brass itself, some lots tend to stretch more than others, the condition of your chamber could effect stretching also. The dies also.

With new brass, take a light cut to square up the ends. After that, check for growth after resizing. Triming cases to the "minimum case length" is something to consider also. With 30-06, I found that inside neck reaming seemed to reduce growth. RCBS has a resizing die, available in several calibers, which they claim eliminated the need for triming. Personally, I have had no experience with it, though I have used RCBS dies for many years. Good dies, though there are many others to choose from.

Hope this helps.

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