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Some place out there on the www is a FAQ on AP ammo. It is very comprehensive, and I believe that it was authored by Mr. Dave Barns, if my selective memory is correct. Again, as I recall, the short version is that it is ok for you to make and use .308 & 30-06 AP but not to sell / transfer it as a private citizen.
But if you are a FFL holder you may not make this ammo, nor may you sell it to a private citizen. The exception being for a FFL that holds a manufacturer endorsement to his license, may make and or sell to / for the police and

Furhter there are state and local laws that may or may not apply in your specific case.

Again all of the above is to the best of my recollection, please locate Dave Barns web site (sorry I seem to have lost the URL) and read the FAQ on AP Ammo.


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