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Mal H. He said they were R/P. That's Remington. I've always resized and belled brand new brass as a matter of course. I've found brass from almost all the manufacturers to be loose, bent mouths and even without a primer flash hole. If that brass is in good shape, I would not get too bent about it. I'd tell the guy, but if he has been straight with you in the past, well maybe he got took.
I got a rifle in a trade, that was supposed to have been built by a well-known Tucson custom gun maker. We're talking trading a $1,400 drilling for a rifle of equal value.
Well, when I got home, I found that the rifle would not feed from the magazine, the trigger was a butchered up military, and after firing it as a single shotg, the bolt handle came off. Great rifle. Well, I live in Tucson, so I went to the purported gun maker. He said he did not make the gun, and that it was a forgery. Well it cost me several hundred dollars to make the gun right. At the next gun show, I saw the guy I got the gun from and told him what had happened. This was on a Saturday. He told me to bring in the receipts on my repairs and he would make it right. This I did, and he gave me $100 over my costs, just to cover something that might have been missed. Kudos to a gentleman and honest dealer. I sure look rifles over a lot closer now.
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