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Hair Trigger, The 300 WM is an excellent .30 cal Magnum. I have owned one since about 1961 and have taken game from mule deer to elk, and one Kodiak bear with it. My opinion, however, will not be shared by many who will probably post on this subject. I concluded a fair number of years ago that the .30 mags are neither "fish nor fowl." I was not happy with it on game such as big bears. Sure it will work, but so will a 30-06. For our bigger game I prefer a .338 or .35 Whelen or 338-06. For the smaller big game cartridges such as .270 of '06 do all I ever needed. In addition, the .300 WM and others have too much recoil for most of us. Some will say "I never feel recoil when I am hunting." That is true, but your shooting habits are established when sighting in and practicing and the flinch will occur whether you feel the recoil or not. If you doubt this, have some one load the gun for you and shoot knowing when the gun is going to fire. Another test is to fire several shots as fast as you can work the bolt, get a sight picture, and fire. Look at your group and see if you are "pushing" the gun. This is not a problem if you have time to carefully squeeze the trigger, but is a problem if you have to make quick shots. When I used to shoot some skeet I was often amused at those who would say that recoil didn't bother them. Then they would have a misfire and nearly jump off the station. If you have made up your mind to get a .30 Mag, I think the .300WM is as good as you can do. Best, Jerry
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