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Absolutely agree with you that more training is a good thing -- and further agree with you that more training is better. I think that any person with a CCW permit is an outright fool if he (or she!) does not make a serious and concerted effort to get as much good training as is humanly possible.

But since it sounds as though you believe that some minimum amount of training should be required by law, I'd like to ask just how much? Would you accept, for instance, 40 hours of firearms training, such as is typical for police academy graduates to have? Would that be sufficient for you to feel safe about the fellow who sat across the table from you? (Apparently not. Not that I blame you!)

Given the theme of "more is better," would it be sufficient to require 'bout 40 hours of police academy firearms training, plus additional training on top of that? The additional training would be, perhaps, attending and maybe even graduating from at least one class given by a well-known, travelling instructor such as Ken Hackathorn. Or perhaps in lieu of training, being well-experienced at competitive events such as IPSC or IDPA matches. Would that be adequate to trust the guy who sat across the table from you?

Apparently not. Again, not that I blame you!

My point is that idiots are everywhere, and some of them have quite a bit of training and are still idiots. Even though every responsible citizen who carries a firearm will get training, and as much training as they are humanly able to do, there is no amount of training I can imagine that would stop an idiot from being an idiot.

"The poor you will always have with you," said Jesus. He should have added, "and also the idiots."

I'd also like to see a better picture of the problem that mandatory CCW permit training is intended to solve -- for instance, a comparison of the rates of bad gun usage in non-training states vs bad gun usage in training-required states. Not sure where you'd find such statistics, but anyone who lobbies for mandatory training should have some sort of hard numbers to fall back on.


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