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Have you ever been to a match or a class and you get together afterwards with some of the participant for dinner and realize that the person sitting across the table from you is the one who nearly shot off his own foot during a draw and begin to wonder that if that person identified a threat behind you and went to draw that you would have little confidence you would not be shot by the person across from you as that person attempted to negate the threat behind you?

I was in a Ken Hackathorn class. The person that almost shot off his own foot (or Ken's depending on how you see things, the shot being about 1 foot in front of the shooter and about 1.5 from Ken's feet) was actually a LEO out of NASA.

I would very much like to see legal CCW folks being more proficient and educated in gun handling, deployment and use for self defense. I realize that such matters probably won't ever be mandated by law and I don't see any states raising their qualification or testing standards, but we would be better off with proper instruction and regular training, not to mention practicing.

There are a few gun folks I fear more from in regard to getting shot than I do bad guys because I don't knowing spend time with bad guys, but do spend time with some of the incompletely competent gun folks.
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