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Ok, here is the final load.
This is a little heavier than the Cowboy load listed at Alliant.
240 gr cast SWC
6.2 gr Unique
Rem pre-primed brass w/Rem primer

Winchester Trapper

According to the Alliant data, this load should be in the 900 to 1000 fps range. Recoil is just a bit heavier than .44 Special, but nowhere near factory .44 mag loads. A good thing. Accuracy as far as I can tell is very good. I had 1 25 yard grop that was a little over 2 inches. A better shot with a rifle could undoubtedly do much better. No signs of overpressure, and pretty consistant to shoot. I think this is the one. I loaded up 10 rounds to see how it shot, and I'm pretty happy with what I got. I just finished loading 50 rounds that I will try out Sunday morning.

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