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"Training" can be used as an administrative weapon to interfere with one's civil right to carry a weapon. I believe that the culture is far more important to encourage training rather than the law.
I totally agree with the above. If the anti's could make a CCW law ineffectual by putting in/adding at some point a ridiculously difficult training requirement, they damn sure would.

And carrying a CCW requires a commitment not just to a training class, but to regular retraining and studying situations and mental preparation (which everyone on this board obviously does).

But that said ... there are many people who didn't grow up in a gun friendly house, or grew up in an irresponsibly gun friendly house, that I think it's necessary to provide a level of required training. When I took my class, for instance, I could certainly shoot effectively (though the excellent teacher did give me some great pointers) but I learned about the law and what it meant and that I couldn't have picked up very easily.

So ... I'm all in favor of a basic training requirement, not to exceed maybe 12 hours total, for a CCW license to be issued.
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