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Coinneach said,
I took my CCW training in, IIRC, 2000. We had the mandatory legal lectures, technical discussion, and practical exercise, involving shots at silhouette targets from 10, 25, and 50 feet.
Just curious, are you counting the practical exercise as training? If so, it doesn't seem all that different from the Texas CHL firing qualification which is not considered training, but testing.

I am with you on the matter that carry permits should require more actual training on gun handling and have harder shooting qualifications. However, a lot of folks think that such things are unnecessary, burdensome, and are just a way to bilk CCW people out of more money. They consider such matters as infringments on their rights.

I don't mean to pick on cops with this next statement. I am not critiquing or judging, just pointing out an observation since cop shootings comprise the largest available set of data on defensive use of handguns in the US. Most LE agencies require their officers to be training in gun handling before they ever go out on the street and the require that officers requalify on a regular basis. From what I have read, some departments do it quarterly, half year, or yearly. Even with having training and then demonstrating their competence with handguns at each requalification, it is still difficult for most departments to have shooting hit percentages be above 30%.

So, the Colorado CCW is every five years to renew. If it is difficult to hit the mark by those who get training and requalify on a regular basis, I doubt that a short training session every 5 years is going to do much to make Colorado CCW folks that much more effective in their shooting skills.

The fact that Colorado does not require a demonstration of one's capabilities at the time of taking the class does not seem all that bad. They still require proof of competence and have basically streamlined the CCW permit procedures, allowing several different types of information to be used as justification for one's gun handling competence.

The information can be found at this link...
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