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I agree on that point, that if you have to take a class then it should involve some trigger time.

What gets me is the fact that even though I won't or wouldn't mandate it, that people won't pull that hundred or so out of their pockets (best left for pizza being brought to their door I guess) and take a few courses.

Some of the best times of my life has been behind the trigger while being instructed by someone with more knowledge and experience than I. When I was younger, learning the rules (basic) and now older, taking that shot without hesitation with full knowledge of what I am doing and not doubting my skill.

As I've mentioned, the smarter ones will take courses and continue to learn. Those that either won't or refuse to spend the money, I won't pass judgement upon them or even try to get laws passed because of them. I can only hope that they take the responsibility to seek out some sort of training.

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