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Don, beats me. I would never be so inconsiderate.

Wayne, I stated my original premise badly. No, the Great State of [your state here] has no right or authority to mandate any level of training for carry. As others have stated, the Vermont model is ideal.

My beef is that, although the requirements have gotten easier, the trainers are treating those requirements as good enough, as always seems to happen with .gov minima. Maybe they are, maybe not. Personally, when I was a trainer, I wouldn't sign off anyone who couldn't demonstrate safe and accurate handling in the classroom and on the range.

It seems to me that the dealers and trainers are doing their clients a disservice by not including actual trigger time in the training, whether or not it's required.

Oh, and although the practical section has been eliminated and the courses are now 25% as long as before, the prices haven't changed. I can't get behind that; if you're offering less, you charge less.
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