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Welcome back under the name/moniker that we used to know you.

And please, allow me to be the same person (as in, not the same punk but as in the same which has grown up abit) as I was before.

I strongly disagree with your post. Why is it that we need or be forced to have training so that we can be permitted to carry.

And exercise in Rights that was around long before government mandated that those who wished to keep and bear arms need to pay for and attend the school of their, or the governments, choice?

As much as I understand yours and others wish that those that wish to carry out their Rights to Keep and Bear Arms be trained, I cannot agree that it should be mandatory. It was never a mandate to do so in order to keep and bear your arms as an individual.

Yet, I can understand where some may mistake the wording of the Founding Fathers when they expressed the need for those with arms to be trained for the protection of America. Yet I would say that the training that they spoke of is now non-funded by the very government that they produced, the home land minuteman are now tossed aside and actually demonized by the very government set up to provide the training needed and was expected.

So therefore, we shouldn't take away an individuals right to keep and bear arms just because they haven't been trained. The smart ones will seek training and will know the laws which govern their state, but we shouldn't be first to take away from those that haven't. They have a right to life also.

Again, nice seeing you again Coinneach and please don't take my reply(ies) wrongly, I have nothing but the upmost respect for you and I enjoy reading you now as I did then. I simply just disagree with you on your thread and since I respect you as I do, decided to add to the discussion.

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