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Don't feel bad if your gun wouldn't swallow that crap.

All loads given are good. If you want to shoot lead the W231 5.8g / 200g LSWC OAL 1.250" is a good place to start.
W231 is the preferred 45ACP powder, but don't try to get 'hot' loads from it; it's just a bit too 'fast'. Very temperature stable. Decent flash signature, too.
Accurate AA5, Hodgdon Universal Clays, Alliant Power Pistol and others are more suited to heavy bullet / 'hot' or +P loads, and can also give good results when down-loaded.

I use 5.9g W231 / 200g LSWC's or 5.5g Universal Clays / 225g LFP in my 1911. If I'm using jacketed I reach for 5.5g W231 and Rainier or Winchester 230g ball. My carry / L.E. duty loads use the Remington 230g Golden Saber over 5.5g W231 for target-quality ammo (the single most accurate load in my Caspian), and my 'hotter' stuff is secret.

Welcome back to loading........

"All my ammo is factory ammo"

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