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Wayne,I've spent some time in Eugene,transients will break your window to get any change they can see in the console.I have a friend that used to live at 16th and High,he makes good money,and is a beer drinker.He doesn't need to recycle the beer cans/bottles to get his $$ back,and he doesn't like his kitchen cluttered with them either.He just left them outside by the sidewalk,and in the morning they're gone,"just like magic",he says with a chuckle.My guess is that you left the door unlocked and had somethiung showing that somebody thought they could get some money for.I don't know what neighborhood you're in,but that's a reasonably large city,I think I'd be looking for a new place.He moved from the 16th street location to a place near Cornucopia,(18th/Lincoln),and now he's all bummed out because nobody steals his bottles anymore.It's amazing what a difference a couple of blocks makes in terms of quality of the neighborhood and its locals.For those unfamiliar,he went from a neighborhood that's essentially high density college rental housing to one that is primarily homeowners...Good luck...
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