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Bob: Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette has become so competitive that if there were ANY advantage to using Pyrodex, you can be certain everyone would be using it in matches. It's just not even close to as accurate in the BPCRS calibers, which of course includes the 45-70. There was a batch of Goex CTG. grade late last year that gave really crappy accuracy, but the stuff I bought in '96 was pretty good powder. I got a case of Goex FFg two years ago that shot very good groups, too. Real black cleans up easy too, and there are some imported powders becoming available now that, while expensive, are quite a bit better than what Goex has been putting out. One is a Swiss powder, and Elephant from Brazil has been working at improving their product too. I've been away from BPCRS this past season due to my rifle being repaired, so I'm sure there are lots more developments going on than I'm aware of.
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